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Do you have hundreds of slides sitting in slide magazines or those plastic slide boxes that you never look at?


Are there boxes of old prints that no one ever sees?


Is a family get together is coming up and you would like to do something different?


Bring those old slides, negatives or prints to us and we can scan them to CD, DVD or USB drive for you


Frontier scans


Slides 35mm, 126mm, 120mm.

Negatives 35mm, 126mm(cropped), 120mm, APS.

Scan resolutions (35mm):



1800pixels x 2700pixels


3000pixels x 4500pixels


Pricing: slide scans start at 69¢ and as are as low as 29¢ for 500 or more.


Negative scans start at 89¢ per STRIP and drop to 69¢ per strip for 50 or more STRIPS.

Hi-Res scans are double the Standard Res price.



Kodak print scanner scans

Prints up to 8x10

Scan resolutions (4x6print):

1200pixels x 1800pixels


Pricing: starts at 32¢ and goes down to 25¢ each at 1001 prints.



Epson V700 flatbed scanner scans

Slides and Negatives

35mm, 126mm(full frame), 120mm, 4x5 and 8x10 sheets

Prints up to 8.5x11.5 including torn and damaged prints.

Scan resolutions (4x6 print):


1200pixels x 1800pixels


 user request up to 9600dpi

(9600 dpi =38400pixels x 57600 pixels)



Pricing: 99¢ per scan at Standard Resolution and $1.98 for Hi-Res.


Please note that scanning is a labour and time intensive procedure. Please let staff know if you have a deadline so we can be sure to get your order ready on time. 


Contact us or visit us in store for more information. 


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